General Farming

Cattle auctions Overview: A wondrous six-day trip along the bucolic area of the “Pampas” grasslands, where cultivated fields stretched away to the horizon. This study trip will provide farmers with the information to allow them to work out a strategy for profitable high quality beef and crops productions. Highlights include a two-night stay at a working family ranching operation.

… at a glance

Day 1 • Drive to Tandil. Livestock Market and farm visit.

Day 2 • Drive Tandil / Balcarce. Farm visits.

Day 3 • In Balcarce. Technical visits.

Day 4 • Drive Balcarce / Guerrero. Farm-stay. Technical visits.

Day 5 • In Guerrero. Technical visit.

Day 6 • Drive to Buenos Aires.

… Detailed itinerary