Zone of contrasts. It is an arid mountaineous region, crossed by plentiful rivers whose waters come down from the Andes Mountain Range.

Cuyo Region map

Cuyo Region

Cuyo – “desert country” in the Indian language – is the region of the high peaks, the snow-covered volcanoes, and the large wilderness spreading from the Andes mountain range and foothills to the steppe.

The region displays the full splendour of the Central Andean Range. The Aconcagua (6.959 m) is the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere, and its steep slopes are renown and respected by mountain climbers from all over the world.

The man, through irrigation canals, took profit of this resource and turn this region into a prosperous and quite suitable place for the development of grapevines and the subsequent elaboration of high quality wines, currently known all around the world.

In order to surmount the mountain ranges, the rivers make its courses flow deeper and give birth to imposing gorges such as the Atuel Canyon owner of a singular colour and beauty in Mendoza province, where the adventure tourism offers multiple alternatives such as rafting, Andinism (mounts Aconcagua and Tupungato), trekking and many others. Winter sports are present in several ski centres, among which Las Leñas valley stands out.

San Juan and San Luis provinces are plenty of archeological parks (Ischigualasto, Sierra de las Quijadas) and many historical places into an amazing landscape.


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