Iberá Estancia Rincón del Socorro

Aguará GuazúOverview: The Iberá marshes is one of the largest moist areas in the world. The Natural Iberá Reserve covers 14% of the Province of Corrientes with a surface aerea of 1.300.000 hectares. It is one of the most important drinking water reserves in the continent and it is the largest protected area in Argentina. It shelters the four animal species called the Province´s natural monuments, that is: the river wolf, the “aguará guazú”, the pampas deer and the marsh deer. Its ornithological wealth includes 350 different bird species.

Estancia Rincón del Socorro, is a 12,000-hectare former cattle ranch on the edge of the Iberá Wetlands that has been made into a nature reserve.

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Day 1 • Arrival and walk around the ranch.

Day 2 • Safari activity.

Day 3 • Boat trip.

Day 4 • Transfer to the airport.

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