Route 40

Ría Puerto DeseadoOverview: Wild life lovers will find a paradise at Ria Deseado Nature Reserve (estuary), the place where the naturalist Charles Darwin used to observe the diverse fauna. The program also offers stunning sceneries and sites along the Patagonian wind-swept plains such as The Caves of Painted Hands and the Perito Moreno National Park, a beautiful region with colourful forests, snow covered mountains, blue lakes and a rich fauna.

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Day 1 • Arrival at Comodoro Rivadavia airport and transfer to Puerto Deseado.

Day 2 • Full day expedition to Isla Pingüino.

Day 3 • Crossing from the Atlantic Ocean across the steppe to the great Meseta of Lago Buenos Aires.

Day 4 • Trekking to visit the Cuevas de las Manos and Perito Moreno National Park.

Day 5 • Full day Perito Moreno National Park.

Day 6 • Travel to Estancia El Cóndor.

Day 7 • Trekking to great natural viewpoints of San Martín Lake.

Day 8 • Drive to El Chaltén.

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